Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gifts fresh from Japan!

Our family friend, Masaaki-san is here in Manila until Monday on a business trip. We've known him and his family for a few years now and it's been awesome! (Masaaki-san's son, Haru-chan, is also very, extremely cute.)

We've gotten these as presents from him and his family:

The stuff me and the sister got

Chopsticks and keychains!

White for sister, black for me~
It goes, "(long kissing sound) I love you!" when you press it at the center. So cute!

Each of us got chopsticks. They're all adorbs!
(L-R: Nanay's, Tatay's, mine, sister's)

These are soy sauce. Apparently, this kind is really expensive, like top-class soy sauce, I was told.
This is the second time Masaaki-san has given us bottles of this.
(Kelangan tipirin, mahal e.)


Little, bright cheesecake!

How it looks like. It's pretty much bite-sized.

Half of the cheesecake. There's a cream cheese filling inside. It's really good, not too sweet nor salty.
Everything's just right!

Earlier, as we were picking out gifts for Masaaki-san, Satomi-san and Haru-chan, sister and I chanced upon these earphones that were on sale. I bought one for each of us since she has another earphones from the same brand and they sound good naman:

 DCI earphones for Php695. On sale for Php382.25.
Pwede na diba?

And yes, those are goldfishes :D

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