Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread house!

Boyfriend and I were at Megamall earlier.

We had dinner at Yabu, a Katsu house, and the food was great! The prices aren't that cheap (at ~Php500) but the servings make the prices so worth it.

Anyway, we decided to drop by the Mariott booth to get anything gingerbread. We settled on a gingerbread house which costs Php990.

The boyfriend kept hitting me with the bag which resulted to the broken roof :( Oh well, still edible.

And of course, cannot forget my Royce~ How I missed my Royce~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue Margarita

First time I mixed a drink~ Hello, blue margarita! (Though I think I should lessen the tequila next time. Ha! for just pouring everything into the shaker!)

 With pistachios.

I don't have margarita glasses and the glass I used is blue, but the drink is bluer.

More hauls from the tiangge. 3 pairs for Php100!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pork and earrings

Went to two different malls today, visiting 3 different bookstores looking for comics.

While I wasn't able to find what I wanted, I saw a Bee Cheng Hiang booth selling those insanely addictive sausages from Singapore.

I couldn't resist, of course. So I got the following:

Pork floss - Php190 for what I think is 100g

Pork Coins - Php160 for 100g

Outside the mall was a tiangge. Again, I couldn't resist looking at the earrings. I only visited one stall and bought the following for Php50 each:

Need to go to Megamall to find what I really set out to look for XD

Kikay Time: Just for Christmas

I got two pairs of earrings yesterday and two more today~

Hello Kitty earrings from Sanrio. They were Php850 but I got them on sale for Php450. Quite big and heavy too.

From Shoppesville, Greenhills -- only Php50! They had other cute earrings, but were being sold for Php100. I could get the same earrings for Php30-Php50 elsewhere.

Stocking and candy cane earrings from my aunt! I have theme earrings to wear next week~

Sunday, December 11, 2011

An accident-prone weekend

So the last weekend saw a lot of accidents in our household.

First one was Saturday around 1AM. My mom was on her way home from a party and her car was a few meters away from our exit and BAM! Another car hits her from behind. No injuries for her and her driver; our Innova had a dented rear bumper but I was told that the culprit car got his front hood wrecked.

Then later that day, the airplane crashed. I was cooking when I heard a loud POP! Then sirens were blaring from everywhere and helicopters were flying all around.. It was actually the first time I saw a helicopter carrying those large round things that are full of water. It was already around 4PM when we decided to go to Makati. The police and the aides set up detours to avoid the area where the firetrucks were and to keep the people away from the places affected.

We were listening to an AM station news program where the anchors were interviewing Mayor Bernabe regarding the crash... The questions they asked just made me want to do a *headdesk* if I had a desk in the I didn't, I had to content myself with so many *facepalms*

Some of the questions they asked were:
- Masasabi nyo ba na wala munang pasok ang mga bata? (Is it safe to say that classes will be suspended?) -- This was asked after the Mayor explicitly said that the school was burned because of the crash.
- So sira po ba ang mga gamit sa eskwelahan tulad ng mga lamesa at upuan? (So are the desks, chairs and other school materials destroyed?) -- Follow up question to the one above, right after the Mayor noted that the 3 floors of the school was destroyed.
- Eto po ang inaantay na tanong ng lahat: Ano po gagawin nyo sa mga nawalan ng bahay? (This is the question everyone's waiting for: What will happen to those affected by the fire?) -- Final question in which the Mayor has already said that those affected will be given temporary housing in gyms...a statement he gave at the start of the interview.

Gosh, don't ask these kinds of questions, please!

Anyway, 3rd accident that day was with my thumb. I sliced a part of it when I was making some olive tapenade. Blood was everywhere and I was literally dripping blood all over the floor. It's healing now, as I was able to close the wound and my thumb has magically re-bonded the sliced part onto itself again. This is how it looked like earlier, an hour after I removed the waterproof band-aid that got wet nonetheless:

IMG01544 20111212 0933

Oooh.. Nice shoes.

Lastly, the boyfriend got into an accident yesterday. He was on his way to my house when the taxi he was riding wanted to feel how it was like to attack the cement wall separating SLEX from the service road.

So it did just that.

The boyfriend called me, told me he got into an accident and that he might've broken a rib or two. He didn't. So all's well for him though I can't say the same about the taxi.

Kikay Time: It just doesn't stop

A trip to Festival Mall yesterday got me these:

IMG01532 20111211 2213

Pretty, yeah?

IMG01533 20111211 2213 IMG01534 20111211 2213 IMG01536 20111211 2213 IMG01537 20111211 2214 IMG01538 20111211 2214 IMG01539 20111211 2214 IMG01541 20111211 2215

That last set, the one with 6 pairs, I got for Php10 only. Yep, that cheap. The rest were 3 for Php100, so at Php33 a pair, it was still a steal. I super love the dice and the lighting bolts...yay violet!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kikay Time: Earrings from Korea

The only kikay-ness I pretty much allow myself are earrings. I over-indulge myself in earrings and I love shopping for them too.

So browsing online (my usual routine when buying earrings), I chanced upon a seller whose items are imported from Korea and they offer wholesale prices for resellers who will buy more than 6 items.

Given that what I want to purchase is for myself, I inquired if the wholesale prices are applicable to non-resellers...

And so they are!

I emailed the seller my order and the seller told me that since I reached a certain amount, shipping is free. Yay! I paid through bank deposit since doing this before 12nn that day will guarantee my items to be shipped the same day.

After confirming my deposit, the seller called to tell me that one of the items I ordered was broken and it was the last stock that she had. She asked me to choose another item, even if it were a few pesos more than what I paid for. So I chose and my items got shipped with an ETA of 2 days.

I got these yesterday...a day after the items were shipped!

IMG01496 20111207 2053

Those are almost 20 pairs of earrings, 60% cheaper than what I would have paid for if I bought them at the mall!

I got a free Mickey hair band too:

IMG01519 20111207 2102

I'm definitely gonna buy from her again~

Here are close-ups of each of the earrings:

IMG01497 20111207 2054 IMG01499 20111207 2054 IMG01500 20111207 2054 IMG01501 20111207 2055 IMG01502 20111207 2055 IMG01503 20111207 2055 IMG01504 20111207 2055 IMG01506 20111207 2055 IMG01508 20111207 2056 IMG01509 20111207 2056 IMG01510 20111207 2056 IMG01511 20111207 2056 IMG01512 20111207 2057 IMG01513 20111207 2058 IMG01514 20111207 2059 IMG01517 20111207 2100

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

This was shared to my by a friend through G+. Quite heavy, yet interesting nonetheless.

Be sure to read even the comments! It's fun reading an exchange of ideas and opinions. Open comments are nice -- it makes me have a wider view of things not limited by the article author's own work.

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's your greatest pet peeve?

Ahhh I think I have so many pet peeves :D One of them is having to repeat myself when talking to someone. Oh and being late and waiting!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NPR's Top 100 SF and Fantsy Books

NPR had a survey for the top 100 sci-fi and fantasy books. Given that a simple list wouldn't do, SF Signal decided to make the results into a flowchart and they made it interactive!

You're asked for your preferences and you'll be given a recommendation for a certain book based on your choices.

You can find the interactive guide here.

If you want to go through a flowchart the traditional way, you can view the hi-res image here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Would you rather go out for dinner or cook at home?

Cook at home!

Ask me anything

I meant sexy girls na toy collectors din.

Oh. Well I guess it's good that figure collecting is becoming more mainstream now. I don't think it matters if the collectors have the stereotypical "otaku" look or the newer "sexier females" as you mentioned, as long as the passion is there. Then again, "passion for collecting" is another matter.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We All Die Young

Risk my soul, test my life
For my bread
Spend my time lost in space
Am I dead?
Let the river flow
Through my callused hands
And take me from my own
The eyes of the damned

It makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from the bone
How we turn a dream to stone

And we all die young
Yeah we all die young

Tell me I know
I lived so afraid
And still we cry alone
With words left unsaid

Yeah it makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from bone
How we turn a dream to stone

And we all die young

-- Steel Dragons

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ugly little cupcakes

I found these in an old microSD earlier...

They're DIY cupcakes from a cake store in Glorietta 5. The name of the store eludes me right now, but it's the one beside the toy store. (Great memory for details, huh.) These cupcakes were made by my cousin (top) and sister (bottom). Thank god the pictures are blurry because they looked disgusting IRL :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

parami ng parami ang mga sexy toy collectors noh?

Sexy like, undressed anime figures or sex toys collectors? If it's the former, aren't new collectors more involved in nendroids and figmas? Nothing sexy about that. If it's the latter...heck if I know.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can I just say I have an awesome boyfriend who tolerates my fangirl-ness?

Yesterday, September 21, Glee the 3D Concert Movie opened locally. Naturally, since I've been egging the boyfriend to watch when I first heard they were showing it here, we went to Shangri-La to dazzle in Glee's artificial, cinema-induced limelight :D

Never mind that 3D hurts my eyes and I can't watch anything without my glasses on. Who cares if I had to wear my eyeglasses behind the 3D glasses? So what if my nose felt as if it was only taking in half the oxygen that it should because of the weight of 2 glasses pushing down on my nostril? I was gonna watch Glee and see Quinn Fabray <3

*movie starts*

Fast forward to the end of the movie...  I was quite... I dunno if it's the right term but, I was quite disappointed. I thought I was going to see a concert. Sure I've heard about them inserting "stories" into the movie, but all the while I thought that those "stories" were going to be more Glee drama.

However... they were stories of people whose lives were touched by Glee: an anti-social, a homosexual and a dwarf. I went there to see the Glee characters in a concert, not watch 3 strangers cry about how difficult their lives were before Glee. Le sigh~

Good thing is, the boyfriend's gonna start watching Glee too! Watching the Glee movie reminded us of the first time we watched a movie together: High School Musical 3. (Yes, that was me, but still!) In the same way that I suddenly found him with all the songs of HSM downloaded onto his phone, I think I'll be expecting Glee music blasting on the radio when we go out for a drive some time soon :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Symphony of Science

Yeah, yeah, this has been around for some time, but you gotta admit: it never gets old.

The latest video's one of my favorites :) Morgan Freeman talking about Quantum Physics FTW!

Watch all the videos (and read the lyrics) here~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cute dino-dog costumes

I really, really, really want the stegosaurus costume for Bambam! Okay, I want to get the whole bunch of them for Bambam and get a raptor one for Piper.

The puppies would definitely destroy these though XD

Animal Planet Dog Costumes