Sunday, December 11, 2011

An accident-prone weekend

So the last weekend saw a lot of accidents in our household.

First one was Saturday around 1AM. My mom was on her way home from a party and her car was a few meters away from our exit and BAM! Another car hits her from behind. No injuries for her and her driver; our Innova had a dented rear bumper but I was told that the culprit car got his front hood wrecked.

Then later that day, the airplane crashed. I was cooking when I heard a loud POP! Then sirens were blaring from everywhere and helicopters were flying all around.. It was actually the first time I saw a helicopter carrying those large round things that are full of water. It was already around 4PM when we decided to go to Makati. The police and the aides set up detours to avoid the area where the firetrucks were and to keep the people away from the places affected.

We were listening to an AM station news program where the anchors were interviewing Mayor Bernabe regarding the crash... The questions they asked just made me want to do a *headdesk* if I had a desk in the I didn't, I had to content myself with so many *facepalms*

Some of the questions they asked were:
- Masasabi nyo ba na wala munang pasok ang mga bata? (Is it safe to say that classes will be suspended?) -- This was asked after the Mayor explicitly said that the school was burned because of the crash.
- So sira po ba ang mga gamit sa eskwelahan tulad ng mga lamesa at upuan? (So are the desks, chairs and other school materials destroyed?) -- Follow up question to the one above, right after the Mayor noted that the 3 floors of the school was destroyed.
- Eto po ang inaantay na tanong ng lahat: Ano po gagawin nyo sa mga nawalan ng bahay? (This is the question everyone's waiting for: What will happen to those affected by the fire?) -- Final question in which the Mayor has already said that those affected will be given temporary housing in gyms...a statement he gave at the start of the interview.

Gosh, don't ask these kinds of questions, please!

Anyway, 3rd accident that day was with my thumb. I sliced a part of it when I was making some olive tapenade. Blood was everywhere and I was literally dripping blood all over the floor. It's healing now, as I was able to close the wound and my thumb has magically re-bonded the sliced part onto itself again. This is how it looked like earlier, an hour after I removed the waterproof band-aid that got wet nonetheless:

IMG01544 20111212 0933

Oooh.. Nice shoes.

Lastly, the boyfriend got into an accident yesterday. He was on his way to my house when the taxi he was riding wanted to feel how it was like to attack the cement wall separating SLEX from the service road.

So it did just that.

The boyfriend called me, told me he got into an accident and that he might've broken a rib or two. He didn't. So all's well for him though I can't say the same about the taxi.

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