Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner at P.F. Chang

To celebrate my sister's academic achievement of being the top 5 of her whole batch, we decided to go out for dinner at Alabang Town Center last Sunday. We saw that P.F. Chang was already open and there were a lot of people lining up at the reception at 4 in the afternoon. We had to try it.

Come 7PM, we had to wait for a while coz they didn't have a table for us, considering that we had them write us a reservation at 4PM. After a good 10 minute wait, we were finally seated and we started ordering.

IMG01913 20120205 1850
Menu. Parents had a hard time reading coz the restaurant had dim lighting and the menu was written in small fonts.

IMG01916 20120205 1855
Tamarind Iced Tea. Bottomless. They also have Jasmine Iced Tea which sister got but I didn't like the taste.

IMG01923 20120205 1903
Roasted Green Tea. By the pot.

IMG01922 20120205 1903
Vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil. Mustard, sesame soy, chili. To make a nice dipping sauce, mix the mustard, chili and sesame soy.

IMG01924 20120205 1909
Pork Dumplings. Very much like gyoza. Choice of steamed or fried, pork or shrimp.

IMG01925 20120205 1909
Egg Rolls with Mustard Dipping Sauce.

IMG01928 20120205 1913
Egg roll with mustard.

IMG01930 20120205 1919
Sweet and Sour Pork. Tender pork cuts and surprisingly, I didn't see any fat.

IMG01929 20120205 1919
Beef with Broccoli. Beef was really tender and the broccoli, crunchy.

IMG01932 20120205 1920
P.F. Chang Fried Rice. Choice of plain fried rice or with meat, chicken, beef, pork or combo. Didn't really enjoy this one.

IMG01933 20120205 1925
Crunchy Honey Shrimp.

IMG01935 20120205 1926
Lo Mien (or something like that). I'm not a fan of noodles so I only tried one noodle to taste. It was good.

Overall, the food was good, however it was on the salty side. Like all that we ate was on the salty side. But I guess that won't stop all the diners from going there. There were so many people and the lines were literally outside the resto. The price was okay.. For all that we ate, bill came to about Php3k++.

After dinner, we went to Powerbooks to try out my new discount card and to buy sister some ill-deserved gifts lol

IMG01937 20120205 2133

IMG01938 20120205 2133

IMG01939 20120205 2134

IMG01942 20120205 2135
This one's for me.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Total Blueprint for World Domination

When I first came upon Total Blueprint for World Domination, I initially thought it belonged to the sci-fi genre, something like, "Projects for the Evil Genius". Very far from what the book really is about.

Total Blueprint for World Domination by Jolene Stockman is a teen motivational book that will help teens create a plan for their lives. It lists down ways on how to take control of your life and mold a world unique to you.

I never thought I'd be reading this kind of books again, after so many years (and a lot of self-help books for teens), but I'm glad I decided to read Total Blueprint for World Domination. It's a short book, only 48 pages long (based on my ebook reader) but it says so much to the reader. It also a fun read, given the way it was written: simple and quirky, something its target readers would grasp. The words Jolene used are not hard to understand and I enjoyed reading the anecdotes she shared about her trying times.

After reading, the only thing I thought was that it was good to be reminded about the whole concept of motivation (and avoiding procrastination) in a refreshing way. I don't think anyone's too old to read self-help, motivational books because it gives you another perspective about things you think you've already mastered.

I'd definitely recommend Total Blueprint for World Domination to my teenage cousins (and all the teenagers!) who seem to lack the "oomph" that they need in their lives :)

 Thanks to Jolene Stockman for taking time to contact me and give me a copy of Total Blueprint for World Domination!