Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kikay Time: Earrings from Korea

The only kikay-ness I pretty much allow myself are earrings. I over-indulge myself in earrings and I love shopping for them too.

So browsing online (my usual routine when buying earrings), I chanced upon a seller whose items are imported from Korea and they offer wholesale prices for resellers who will buy more than 6 items.

Given that what I want to purchase is for myself, I inquired if the wholesale prices are applicable to non-resellers...

And so they are!

I emailed the seller my order and the seller told me that since I reached a certain amount, shipping is free. Yay! I paid through bank deposit since doing this before 12nn that day will guarantee my items to be shipped the same day.

After confirming my deposit, the seller called to tell me that one of the items I ordered was broken and it was the last stock that she had. She asked me to choose another item, even if it were a few pesos more than what I paid for. So I chose and my items got shipped with an ETA of 2 days.

I got these yesterday...a day after the items were shipped!

IMG01496 20111207 2053

Those are almost 20 pairs of earrings, 60% cheaper than what I would have paid for if I bought them at the mall!

I got a free Mickey hair band too:

IMG01519 20111207 2102

I'm definitely gonna buy from her again~

Here are close-ups of each of the earrings:

IMG01497 20111207 2054 IMG01499 20111207 2054 IMG01500 20111207 2054 IMG01501 20111207 2055 IMG01502 20111207 2055 IMG01503 20111207 2055 IMG01504 20111207 2055 IMG01506 20111207 2055 IMG01508 20111207 2056 IMG01509 20111207 2056 IMG01510 20111207 2056 IMG01511 20111207 2056 IMG01512 20111207 2057 IMG01513 20111207 2058 IMG01514 20111207 2059 IMG01517 20111207 2100

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