Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can I just say I have an awesome boyfriend who tolerates my fangirl-ness?

Yesterday, September 21, Glee the 3D Concert Movie opened locally. Naturally, since I've been egging the boyfriend to watch when I first heard they were showing it here, we went to Shangri-La to dazzle in Glee's artificial, cinema-induced limelight :D

Never mind that 3D hurts my eyes and I can't watch anything without my glasses on. Who cares if I had to wear my eyeglasses behind the 3D glasses? So what if my nose felt as if it was only taking in half the oxygen that it should because of the weight of 2 glasses pushing down on my nostril? I was gonna watch Glee and see Quinn Fabray <3

*movie starts*

Fast forward to the end of the movie...  I was quite... I dunno if it's the right term but, I was quite disappointed. I thought I was going to see a concert. Sure I've heard about them inserting "stories" into the movie, but all the while I thought that those "stories" were going to be more Glee drama.

However... they were stories of people whose lives were touched by Glee: an anti-social, a homosexual and a dwarf. I went there to see the Glee characters in a concert, not watch 3 strangers cry about how difficult their lives were before Glee. Le sigh~

Good thing is, the boyfriend's gonna start watching Glee too! Watching the Glee movie reminded us of the first time we watched a movie together: High School Musical 3. (Yes, that was me, but still!) In the same way that I suddenly found him with all the songs of HSM downloaded onto his phone, I think I'll be expecting Glee music blasting on the radio when we go out for a drive some time soon :D

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