Sunday, September 4, 2011

Early present from the parents

I got a Swatch x Hiroyuki Matsuura New Gent watch: Strawberry Switchblade!

I was deciding between Strawberry Switchblade or the ones from Jeremy Scott's collection, either the Winged Swatch or the Lighting Flash. (The Swatch Opulence - watch in frame - was too...dry for my tastes.)

The Swatch booth in MOA was out of the Lightning Flash and so I was about to get the Winged Swatch when I heard the following comments:
Boyfriend: "Looks like it gets dirty easily."
Father: "That's too flashy."
Mother: "Too gaudy." 
I didn't really mind if said watch was too flashy or gaudy, but it did look as if it gets dirty easily (white rubber ~.~) so I decided to get Strawberry Switchblade. Now I have two Swatches with me, the other one being the Blue Man Group collab, Fluid Word:

I will keep wearing both of course XD And maybe just try to find these babies~

I'd wear those.

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