Sunday, January 15, 2012

Went shopping yesterday... Megamall since there was a mall-wide sale. Didn't really buy that much, but I managed to get some nice stuff:

New earrings! Sanrio, Php250

Finally! I've been keeping an eye out for this!

Forever21 x Hello Kitty knee socks.

Forever21, Php365. Quite pricey for a pair of socks lol.

Boyfriend and I have been looking out for some new earphones for him, and probably a new headphones for me. We first went to Power Mac just to see if they had anything that we both wanted. Left the store without buying anything lol. So we walked around and found out that the Fujitsu store has been replaced by JBL.

We stopped by because there were these huge headphones that caught my eye (which apparently costs Php25,000) and ended up getting this baby for me:

AKG by Harman K 402 for Php1,600

And boyfriend got this (wasn't able to take a picture, so...):

Only, his is transparent...Php800

I just totally suck at this whole head/earphone business:
Sales guy: Ma'am ano po hanap nyo?
Me: Headphones.
Sales guy: Ano po'ng klase? Yung malakas yung bass? Noise-canceling? Ano po'ng type ng sound gusto nyo? May wide range po kami ng earphones or headphones para sa iba-ibang type ng sound.
Me: I just want the one that looks nice. Oooh, I want that red one.
Sales guy: Eto po? Okay po to blah blah *explains details of headphones*
Me: Sige, I'll get that. I don't have red-colored headphones yet.

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