Friday, March 18, 2011

On chocolates

Today's snack was a mixture of Fruit Loops and M&M's. Someone from the office gave us some.

I really love Fruit Loops.

And last Monday, one of our bosses came back from the US and gave us a whole bag of assorted chocolate.

That completely made our day. Until the chocolate was gone, of course.

Oh and I almost forgot. Me and the sister were at Serendra last Wednesday. The mother had dinner with her siblings so me and the sister decided to try this burger restaurant called Chuck's Deli.

I got a pork sandwich called Faking Duck. It tasted like duck rolls, except that it's made with pork, hence the "Faking" in the sandwich's name.

And grape soda. I love you.

I need some grape soda. And yes. This is not about chocolates alone. Lol.

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