Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Because I was swamped with work

I suddenly remembered Aeon Flux.

Oh yes, aren't you the cartoon that almost ruined the mental, emotional and sexual stability of the 11-year-old me.

Oh yes, the memory of that night in Los Angeles, having just arrived from Manila, is still vivid. The 11-year-old me, switched the TV on at 11PM - jet lag refused to let me sleep - and what did I see? Cartoons.

I thought, Nice.

Then, not more than 3 minutes into the show, what did my 11-year-old eyes see?

Two women. Kissing. With such fervent passion.



(Coming from a traditional Filipino family, that was not normal. Neither was it socially and culturally accepted at that time.)

Oh yes, Aeon Flux. You did that.

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