Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why, hello there!

I haven't been online that much lately since I just started with my new job and I've been too lazy to go online when I get home.

Days have been pretty much uneventful too, so there's nothing much to write about -- except that I just spend my money buying more books lol.

Like yesterday, I was able to get these three:

Yep, it's about all the conspiracies lol

It's Slash! Who doesn't love Slash?

They finally had this in stock!

And just last week, the boyfriend and I decided to get a camera. We're not into the whole photography thing that's very, very popular these days, so a simple point-and-shoot Canon IXUS 115 HS would do. It's about Php10k (which we got for installment at 0% in 6 months) and it has all these nifty features like toy camera, miniature and fish eye settings. It also shoots HD video.

Perfect for taking pictures of my dogs XD

Plus points coz it's metallic pink!

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