Friday, March 16, 2012

Star-strucked: Pepe Smith

Boyfriend and I were passing time in Megamall yesterday and as we were going down the escalator, I saw someone remotely looking like Pepe Smith going up the escalator and I lost my footing and almost fell my way down from the 4th to the 3rd floor.

So back up we went and started stalking. I'm bad at stalking famous people.

Finally, we saw him go inside Data Blitz and saw that everyone was on the opposite corner from where he was looking around. As in! Walang lumalapit.

So I gathered up the courage and approached him...
Me: "Excuse me po, pwede magpa-autograph?" (That is so unlike me.)
Pepe Smith: "Ah, sure, sure!"
*Signs my handy-dandy notebook*
Me: "Sorry po, nastar-struck ako sa inyo eh. Pwede po magpa-picture?"
Pepe Smith: "Of course!"

Hence I got this:

I so could've done a better pose but my face was twitching all over.


I lose my composure when I'm around rock stars hahaha.

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