Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I went home early

That means more time to play with the babies!

During the ride home, we were discussing OtaKai and the new buzz that the new members are creating... About how much money they've spent on their toys. And how I found my name popping up every now and then when the discussion on Plurk centers on the cost of toys.

We were discussing about how much people seem to think that I spend so much money on my toys. Yeah, I admit that I've spent quite a fortune in building up my collection but I guess most people have the conception that I buy everything at their retail price.

Haha I don't think they seem to realize that I've a knack at finding bargains so I've gotten good deals on some of my collection.

That's what my dad said too.

Instead of bragging about how expensive a certain toy is, I actually brag about how much discount I got when I acquired it.

Then we moved on to the topic of photography.

And how much I suck at it.

Well, at least I have them to take pictures of my toys right?


  1. You should tutor me on bargain hunting. I'm a figure n00b and I can't tell if the "price is right", so to speak.

  2. Best way to start is through Tsuki Board.

    They have the SRP of most of the figures, so it's easy to determine how much your base price is.

    Next is to more or less estimate the market value of figures. If it's popular/limited/exclusive, chances are, that's definitely going to be very very expensive.

    Then you have to have a number of sources available :) Ebay is one, but you should always be wary about the stuff sold there. Another good source are forums, like OtaKai. You'll never know what you'll find in a coven of collectors ^^

    Since you just started with the hobby, it'll take some time to get a good grasp of how much you should buy a figure for. You can always ask around, there are a lot of people willing to help you get the toy that you want.