Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Swatch Sliding Doors

I recently received a text message from Swatch informing me that their Spring 2015 collection is now available locally. (Yes, text mates kami ng Swatch.) Shad and I decided to drop by Swatch Greenbelt on our way home to see what they had.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that they had the watch I've been wanting to own since last year: The Sliding Doors. I've been asking the people from all the Swatch outlets here in Manila when they'd have one in stock but nobody knew. So when I saw it, I had to buy it then and there! The sales ladies told me that they were only given one Sliding Doors watch per branch, too.

The Sliding Doors watch was designed by Alexander Gorlizki and from the Swatch site:
In developing SLIDING DOORS (SUOZ185S) – a new Swatch Art Special Limited Edition, Gorlizki took his inspiration from the Jali, the classical Indian architectural form of ornamental screen carving, typically done in wood, stone, and marble. Gorlizki’s geometric patterns create an intricate puzzle enriched with mesmerizing detail and a modern, vibrant palette. The interlocking designs cover every surface of the front, with engraving on the timepiece and even along its edges, buckle and loop.
It comes in a very pretty cardboard box. The top part slides open to reveal the watch:

Swatch Sliding Doors Alexander Gorlizki
It's so pretty and colorful~

Swatch Sliding Doors Alexander Gorlizki
The watch is even prettier!!

Swatch's Sliding Doors is limited to 4,567 pieces only. I got the 39th piece!

Swatch Sliding Doors Alexander Gorlizki

Sliding Doors retails for Php 5,000 here in the Philippines. Last time I checked, they still have one in Swatch Glorietta. In case you want one but the branch you're in doesn't have it in stock (like Greenbelt, heehee!), just let them know so they can get one from another branch.

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