Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I saw a cat dying on the street today.

I was at the backseat of the car so I didn't see it get run over by a big SUV on the other side of the road, but my sister and dad both cried out at the same time when they saw it happen.

We were looking for the cat on the street, but my dad said it ran away after getting run over by both the front and back tires. When the traffic on our lane started moving, we saw the cat, lying in the middle of the street.

My dad swerved the car to the right so we can avoid the cat - at the very least, we won't pass over it.

I looked at the cat and and it was still alive, but it looked like it was in pain. In the few seconds that I was able to look at it, it was gasping for breath and its eyes were wide open.

When I looked back, none of the other cars followed what my dad did. They just drove over the cat, and I can't help but wonder if one of the cars ran over it and killed it...that would end its suffering, right? :(

I wish I could've done something for the cat. If I was driving my own car, I would've probably stopped to pick the cat up and drive it to the vet. I felt really bad for the much that I was silently crying at the backseat after I saw it.

Rest in peace, little kitty...

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