Friday, November 12, 2010

Feels like insomnia~ oohhh~

It's almost 2am and yet i can still feel the gears inside my head going at full speed as if someone just spilled the greasiest grease in there and lubricated everything.

And it sucks. Especially when I've had a bad day and I just want to sleep it all off.

One of my main problems is that there's been an annualization of income tax at work and when they gave me my pay slip, I saw that my withholding tax (additional tax included) amounted to more than 70% of my pay this month. Adding the other deductibles, I'm pretty much left with just 20% of my salary until the next month. (We get paid once a month.)

And so I am broke. With more than one thing to pay for. Sigh. If only I've been born under a lucky star, I might win the lotto and live happily ever after.

Speaking of happy, I've read one too many times that one of man's ultimate (if not the ultimate) goal is to find happiness.

A fine goal indeed.

But what if man was never intended to be happy?

And with that thought, I shall resume to forcing myself to go back to sleep.

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